Oaks Heart has two distinct brands.

In February 2003, we opened Japan's first vinegar specialty store in the Takashimaya department store in Nagoya. Our concept was to help customers discover how delicious vinegar could be.

The store was memorable, with large and small wooden barrels filled with vinegar. We sold vinegar directly from the barrel, along with recipes, to a variety of customers who either liked vinegar or happened to pass by.

Through conversations with customers, we received requests such as, 'I understand the health benefits of vinegar, but it's too sour. Is there any way to use it more deliciously?'

Dessert Vinegar® was created in response to these voices.
Our special fermentation technique, Dessert Vinegar® uses fruit vinegar with a mild acidity and a sweet, mild bouquet that can be enjoyed more casually, like a dessert.

Oaks Heart Co., Ltd. will continue to innovate with our customers to make the world of vinegar more delicious, more enjoyable and more stylish.