About Dessert Vinegar

Dessert Vinegar® was developed for people to enjoy the healthy acidity of vinegar without the sourness usually associated with it, thus giving it a dessert feeling. Dessert Vinegar® uses fruit vinegar having a rich bouquet. Even when you drink it for the first time, it feels very smooth.
We recommed enjoying it with cold water, sparkling water, milk, or soy milk. It is also quite good as topping for ice cream.

Features of Dessert Vinegar

While some of the fruit vinegar, called flavor vinegar, is produced by infusing regular vinegar and fragrance, all fruit vinegar used for Dessert Vinegar® is created by fermenting the nectar of fruit and vegetables.
Oaks Heart products are made by Uchibori Vinegar INC, who pioneered fruit vinegar in Japan, established in 1876. Vinegar from pristine natural environments generate pleasantly mild acidity and a sweet and mild bouquet. Also, we use no additives such as sweeteners or artificial ingredients or fragrances. Oaks Heart's healthy process is based on our special fermentation technique.